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We develop and study non-equilibrium biophysical systems to recreate the Origin of Life in the lab.


We offer Bachelor or Master on the following or related topics:
- Hairpin-Based replication using tRNA
- Towards Darwin: Replication, Selection and Mutation in a thermal trap
- Flowthrough Thermophoresis
- Screen platform for RNA polymerization using 96-well plate robotics with a fluorescent readout
- Understanding Diffusiophoresis with pH uncagers
- Simulation of tilted thermal traps for replication, mutation and selection
- Simulations of prebiotic FeS membranes with Comsol Multiphysics
- Selection landscape of RNA molecules under UV and/or thermal gradients

PhD projects:
Open positions are aviallable from our Simons Foundation research grant on the Origins of Life, including students with a significant chemistry background (or Master students in chemistry).

In case you are interested, stop by our lab or inquire by E-Mail schicken an dieter.braun@lmu.de E-Mail or phone: 2180-2317 or -1484.

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